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About Matrix Meditations
Elsewhere on this website you'll find brief remarks by people who have read
pre-publication copies of the book. On this page you can
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.....In alphabetical order, by last name:
  "In these turbulent times that we are experiencing, there is a great need to have a systematic and thoughtful program of contemplative meditations to cope and thrive as individuals and institutions. Matrix Meditations is a practical and effective program to do just that. The Daniels have brought together an easy to read and follow guide to connect mind and body. I strongly recommend it." --------Ruben Arminana, Ph.D., President, Sonoma State University    
  "I've never seen the like of this book anywhere, not anywhere. There is a voice that runs throughout it that is silken, soft, patient, kind, yet with a wisdom born of both experience and knowing. That voice gives you perspective. Perspective! There are many good books now on meditation, but this one stretches to cover awareness, visualization, dreams, breathing, attention, movements, feelings, and expressions. And you get history. You get background. You get step-by-step and with simple words on few pages. It is an unbelievable helpmate for those who want to journey within and touch their soul." --P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D., author of 9 books on near-death research, including The Big Book of Near Death Experiences, Coming Back to Life, and Beyond the Indigo Children.    
  "Rooted in ancient and modern sources, the book offers the reader an accesssible and encouraging introduction to the principles of contemplative meditation and a disciplined method for exploring them, as well as the opportunity to choose focused techniques for particular psychological situations." --Reverend Christopher Thomas Bell, Unitarian Universalist Minister    
  Matrix Meditations is an amazing journey. In this book, Daniels and Daniels have brought together global, historical, and contemporary psychological and spiritual resources and the wisdom of many years of meditative experience. Readers who go through the Matrix of Consciousness will be truly transformed. The multidimensional nature of the matrix is remarkable. I am so happy that this book is available to guide readers toward the joys and benefits of meditation for their life's journey. In the ancient tradition of meditation, Matrix Meditations makes a truly unique contribution. --Eleanor Criswell, Ph.D., Editor of Somatics Magazine; Founding Director of Saybrook Graduate School; author of How Yoga Works and Biofeedback and Somatics.  
  "This book is a treasure trove of methods to enhance one's own peace and relationships with others. Kooch and Victor, of big hearts themselves, share in clear and detailed language how to shift deep levels of consciousness by working with aspects that are accessible. With this collection, you don't need a teacher or a guide, just a desire and some attention, to travel a journey of development. The techniques are easy enough for a beginner, while the experienced meditator will find many new paths. Diana Divecha, Ph.D., Developmental Psychologist  
  Matrix Meditations will start you on your journey to peace of mind, body, and spirit. Victor and Kooch Daniels have spent years perfecting many of the techniques in this book and are passing on their experiences with the greatest teachers of our generation with great wisdom and compassion. A must-read.--Ronnie Gale Dreyer. Author of Healing Signs and Vedic Astrology.  
  Matrix Meditations is a beautifully written, thorough book accompanied by inspiring pictures. Just one of its unique gifts is that it is equally helpful for a beginning practitioner and a long-time meditator of thirty years like myself." --Tanis Helliwell, author of Summer with the Leprechauns and Take Your Soul to Work.  
  "Every once in a while, every once in a long, long while I chance upon a book that has the potential to change the very course of human history. Matrix Meditations is such a book. It converts what appears to be extraordinary into what becomes ordinary and practical. It takes the complex and makes it simple with one thought in mind -- to show the reader that despair could be changed into hope and tragedy could be transformed into triumph. In a way, this book may seem magical and mystical at the same time. But in another way, it gives the reader truly simple and practical methods to solving their worst problems and thus achieving happiness and success. This is a MUST read!" --John Harricharan, award-winning author of the bestseller, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat and the creator of the worldwide, ground-breaking system, The PowerPause, 3 Minutes, 3 Steps to Personal Success and Real Happiness.  
  “Few informed people doubt the benefits of meditation, but resistance to the process takes many forms -- lack of time, inability to sit still, difficulties with concentration among them. Matrix Meditations rebuts any and all of these objections to contemplative practices. Its authors, Victor and Kooch Daniels, have studied dozens of meditative disciplines, creating a systems approach in which each of their readers will be able to find a suitable path. Such often-stated polarities as solitude versus community, calmness versus exuberance, and introspection versus relationships are shown to be chimera based on misunderstandings of the meditative core, in other words the matrix. In today's troubled world, navigating the sea of consciousness can be a hazardous task. This book provides a trustworthy guide for avoiding the hazards and enjoying the ride.”--Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School, and co-editor of Varieties of Anomalous Experience.  
  "Matrix Meditations provides a centered pathway for both thinking and doing. The book encourages us to hold a consciousness of our inner feelings and values as a defining stage for daily life actions. The Daniels, a husband and wife team, provide a format for a personal renaissance of self-awareness that permits the continuing manifestation of creative human betterment. Through mindful meditation the techniques presented in the book allow activists to merge both their inner and outer selves in a self-actualizing continuum that promotes holistic social justice engagements in a global society." --Peter Phillips, Ph.D., Sociologist. Director of Project Censored. Editor of Censored:The News that Didn’t Make the News, 1977 through 2010.  
  "Victor Daniels is a man whose teachings have for many years attracted my admiration and helped clarify important principles of gestalt therapy. His excellent intellect encompasses both the salutary role of meditation in living and the broad rationality by which people are also guided. His perspectives on meditation fit well into this exemplary author's understanding of life, itself." --Erving Polster, Ph.D., Psychotherapist and trainer of psychotherapists. Author of Gestalt Therapy Integrated; Every Person's Life is Worth a Novel; From the Radical Center; and Uncommon Ground--To Enhance Everyday Living  
  Matrix Meditations by Daniels and Daniels is a lovely book filled with stories and practices based on some of he accumulated wisdom of the ages. It is beautifully written in an easy tone that evokes a peacefulness and sense of the spiritual as you read it.” --Stella Resnick, PhD, clinical psychologist and author of The Pleasure Zone: Why We Resist Good Feelings.  
  "There are some who fear globalization and others who welcome it. But, it really comes down to what it is that is being globally shared and whether it creates more disparity and alienation or unity and harmonious connection between all who live. In Matrix Meditations, authors Victor and Kooch Daniels survey the landscape of the world wisdom traditions and present to all an unbiased, non-partisan, and well researched book that synthesizes and presents in very direct, non-foreign language what seers from all over the world can teach us about the mind and meditation. Matrix Meditations can serve as both a reference and guide to those seeking greater peace and the naturally human desire to be of help to others. Whether you already have a meditation practice or are just embarking on such, it will be a source that you will read, practice from, and treasure."
--Robert Sachs, author of The Passionate Buddha, Perfect Endings, and The Wisdom of The Buddhist Masters
  "In their very well written Matrix Meditations, Victor Daniels and Kooch N. Daniels present their marvelous “16 week program for developing the Mind-Heart connection.” Those who might be somewhat put off by yet another seeming reference to the popular motion picture “The Matrix” need not fear exploitation of that now familiar scenario. Daniels and Daniels have been on their quest long before Neo broke free of societal conventions that made him a slave to enforced conformity. In their program, the two experienced teachers present a method that will provide honest communication with your inner self and their techniques demonstrate how you may begin to listen to both your head and your heart--perhaps for the first real time in your life. After you have encountered the 65 cells in Victor’s and Kooch’s Matrix of Consciousness, you may find that you will have to release some of your most cherished old concepts and ideas--but the good news is that you will also be able to free yourself from those stubborn roadblocks on the path to realizing your dreams and your true mission in life."  --Brad Steiger, author/coauthor of 170 books on metaphysical and paranormal subjects.  
  "Matirx Meditations represents a unique and practical synthesis of time-tested and original new inner-work techniques that will appeal to novice and experienced meditators, alike.  The book's down-to-earth, non-doctrinaire tone beckons all to adventures of self-discovery and expanded consciousness. Kudos to Victor and Kooch Daniels!" --David Van Nuys, Ph.D., Producer, Shrink Rap Radio and Wise Counsel Podcasts  
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