Victor Daniels & Kooch N. Daniels ..
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"Victor and Kooch
Daniels have spent
years perfecting many
of the techniques in
this book and are
At this time we do not have any radio, TV or bookstore
passing on their
presentation and signing events scheduled
experiences with the
for Matrix Meditations as we did during the year
greatest teachers
it came out.
of our time."
--Ronnie Gale Dreyer
We are doing occasional authors' nights at Sonoma County
coffeehouses and cafes where the book is selling well.
We are potentially available to do meditation, awareness,
relationship, and intuitive development workshops or talks at spas,
yoga studios, and other venues to either small groups or large
audiences. Victor is also available to do Gestalt Therapy training
workshops for professionals, and Kooch is available for Tarot
workshops. Our fees for such events are based on how far from
West Sonoma County in northern California the event is.
We will be glad to discuss the creation of custom-tailored
programs to fit your needs.
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if you'd like to have us at your event, please let us know.